We are a local, viable mission outreach to the Boise Airport Community where employees spend eighteen hours to every hour they spend at their local church.

Things to know about this ministry:

  1. We are happy to provide the Boise Airport with a chapel open to people of all faiths
  2. Two chaplains and all volunteers are committed followers of Jesus Christ.
  3. We are a prayer ministry always seeking opportunities to pray with and for employees and as opportunities permit, passengers.
  4. We provide opportunities for fellowship among employees by serving barbeques and providing occasional breakfasts, with relationship building always in view.
  5. The ministry receives no government or airport funds; is wholly supported by the Treasure Valley Community and beyond.
  6. Our chapel is open around the clock and is located on the lower level in the car-rental area.

Things to know about the Boise Airport:

  1. In 2019 over 3.5 million passengers traveled through our airport.
  2. Approximately 3000 employees work in and around the airport.
  3. BOI is the “gateway” to the Northwest.
  4. Since August 2007, airport administration has been favorable of and complimentary to the chapel ministry.
  5. Considering this the airport ministry has great opportunity to impact the lives in the airport community and beyond.


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        The Boise Airport Chapel Ministry is a non-profit, faith-based ministry dedicated to promoting
        time-tested values, a strong work ethic, and family values throughout the airport community and
        OUR VISION
        Our goal is to establish a mindset that the purpose of work is more than simply earning a living but a
        God-given calling to be lived out diligently, with integrity, and in a spirit of teamwork with employers
        and co-workers in accordance with company and airport policies.
        OUR VALUES
        As a non-profit organization, the Boise Airport Chapel Ministry focuses a building interpersonal
        relationships based on biblical values and principals within the airport community, with the end result being harmony in the work environment and outstanding service to the traveling public.
        Help us in building
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